The Top 4 Benefits From Using Pinterest Analytics Tools

The Top 4 Benefits From Using Pinterest Analytics Tools

Pinterest is a great social network that has become a favorite for many people. The site allows you to find creative and innovative ways to decorate your home or office. Pinterest also allows you to share what you do and the ideas you have with others. Using Pinterest, it’s easier than ever to connect with others who have the same interests as you. There are a few different ways you can use Pinterest analytics to help you better understand the way that Pinterest is used.

Pinterest Analytics allows you to monitor a wide scope of metrics within the website itself. It divides the viewing activity into your actual pin request on Pinterest, the traffic associated with those pins, and how many visitors have clicked through to the site from your link. The main metrics included in the tool level reports include:


Average Impressions – This is the total impressions for the last 30 days for each category. The more impressions a pin gets, the more popular it is. This statistic tells you how many people are actually viewing your links. In order to get an accurate read on the popularity of your pins, you must look at the column. You should view this report every morning so that you can keep track of changes over the course of the day.


Audience Size – This provides an insight into the audience on Pinterest. This report breaks down how many people are actively viewing your links in real time. It also breaks down the views by country and geographic location. The insights offered here can help you fine tune your marketing efforts based upon the data that you receive. Audience size can also be useful in understanding how your pins are performing among the various demographics that you have chosen to focus your advertising efforts upon.


Curalate – This tool pulls information from Pinterest about the number of times a user has clicked on the link from your account. By viewing this data, you will have a good idea of how effective your advertisements are currently. Pinterest users typically spend a few seconds before deciding if they want to click on a link or not. Thetics tool offers a number of different insights based on this metric. If you are running a PPC campaign, this tool will be very beneficial to you.


Conversions – This tool offers insights into who is clicking on your ads as well as people who are just passively viewing your content. If you need to know the difference between these two audiences, this tool can provide you with the answers that you are looking for. This metric tells you who is actively searching for information via Pinterest and who is simply browsing the site. These insights can help you fine tune your PPC and SEO campaigns.


Users – Google Analytics is currently only available to users of Google. It does not work on non-Google websites and does not display content creators. Luckily, the makers of the curate have taken this functionality and made it available to everyone. Google allows users to access their own account, which gives them access to an entire profile consisting of pins, analytics, and trending. If you are a Pinterest user, you can find out exactly which pins are popular and the reason behind their popularity.


Pinterest and the entire network of Pinterest users are constantly in need of fresh content. Getting this data for your analytics will help you ensure that you are always providing the most engaging material possible. Make sure that you check out all of the Pinterest analytics tools offered by the site and make sure that you are keeping up with all of the latest and greatest tricks and techniques!