How to Make Pancakes Fluffy

How to Make Pancakes Fluffy

How to make pancakes fluffier? It’s as easy as opening your fridge and running some cold milk, mixing a pancake mix, cooking it, and spreading it on a griddle. Most of us know this breakfast food is my personal favorite and one of the easiest ways I know to beat the morning traffic. With a hint of sweet subtlety, but never too much, just enough to make it light and very easy to swallow.


One secret to making them light and fluffy is by using a thin layer of butter over the pancake batter. A quick word of caution, though. Don’t try to use vegetable or canola oil. They are dense enough as it is and will clump up in your hands, reducing the volume your pancakes will take when you cook them. Use only butter; you can add fruit, eggs, or sour cream for flavoring. This is definitely one of my favorite go-to breakfast recipes, probably because it only takes a few simple ingredients, usually only needs a couple of minutes to prepare, takes less than 5 minutes to cook, and tastes so much better than ordinary box mix.


So let’s get cracking. The first thing you will need for how to make pancakes more fluffy is a non-stick frying pan or skillet, preferably one with an extended handle and wide bottom. If you don’t fancy getting near the flames, try using a cast-iron skillet, which will take a lot faster and hotter than any other pan I’ve used. Using an electric griddle is ideal, as it gives you the perfect pancakes.


Now, let’s get started. Bring your frying pan to the flame, but make sure you avoid the flames themselves. Once your pancake pan is at the right temperature, start your recipe. Don’t forget to oil your frying pan beforehand, as the oil helps tremendously when you fry pancakes to prevent burning and/or sticking of the pancakes.


One of the simplest buttermilk pancakes, particularly those that come from scratch, only need one-fourth cup of buttermilk, or you can use any regular milk. If you are looking for how to make pancakes more fluffy, this is the correct quantity. Mix all your wet ingredients together, then pour this mixture onto your pancake pan and turn it over to mix the dry ingredients in. Cook this for approximately fifteen minutes, or until the ingredients begin to bubble.


Another very easy how to make pancakes recipe, especially if you’re trying to mimic the fluffy top you’ll get if you bake a traditional pancake, is to flip it over and use a spatula to flip it over. Start by pouring the batter onto the skillet, and working your way down to the edge. The spatula is what will flip the pancakes. Make sure the bottom of your skillet is lined up with the underside of the spatula so that your batter can be easily spread into the air. Flip the pancakes over, allowing the hot air to cover them, and cook approximately five to ten minutes more, depending on the consistency of your batter.


If you find that your pancakes aren’t yet ready, don’t panic. You can help them to not bubble by gently tapping their surface with a rubber or wooden spoon. If you find that the bubbles are still building, you can use a spatula to stop the cooking. It’s best to avoid overly hot surfaces to avoid burning, but if you do decide to flip these pancakes, make sure they are nice and even and that there are no visible lumps in the batter.


After your pancakes are finished cooking, make sure you let them cool off in the cold oven for about ten minutes. Once they are completely cooled, you can form them into any shape you desire, including omelets. Once your pancakes cool off, you can now mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, including the powder, egg whites, and baking powder. Mix thoroughly until the batter is formed, which will help ensure that your pancakes are fully cooked. If your pancakes come out unevenly cooked, you may have to cook them a bit longer or use another combination of Wet ingredients and Dry ingredients.