How To Make French Toast – An Easy To Make Homemade Breakfast That Your Friends Will Absolutely Love

How To Make French Toast – An Easy To Make Homemade Breakfast That Your Friends Will Absolutely Love

There are numerous versions of how to make French toast. In fact, there is only one original recipe for this classic dish. It requires using only a few common ingredients that you can probably have at your home and fridge. This low-fat, healthy meal actually takes minutes to prepare and tastes delicious.


The original recipe for French toast is a simple mixture of butter and flour. However, these were not enough ingredients back then. The sesame oil was unheard of then and the mixture required some ginger, garlic, and mayonnaise in equal parts. Mixing all these ingredients together produces the classic texture and flavor of the ultimate toast.


Surprisingly, the surprising ingredient that makes this amazing dish so easy to make is the egg. Egg is a great source of protein, which helps build up the muscles in the stomach area. This makes it easier for the toast to stick together. For an extra measure of deliciousness, you can also sprinkle the odd bit of sugar over the top of the egg batter.


All you have to do now is to drop the egg mixture into the warm, preheated oven. You can set the timer according to your desired browning. You will need a frying pan, a fork, and about a quarter inch of water to be able to cook the toast properly. This is also the time to line your frying pan with wax paper or a slotted spoon so that you do not accidentally fry yourself.


Carefully mix all the ingredients together, being careful to break up any lumps that arise. The goal here is to form a paste that will stick to the ingredients and allow them to stick together easily. Once you have successfully mixed the ingredients, turn the oven off, and allow the mixture to cook for about five minutes. Once it is done, it is time to serve and enjoy your newly made and easy to make French toast recipe!


For this recipe, the most difficult task is making sure that the ingredients are all combined and the temperature is just right. The first ingredient you will need is the eggs themselves, which can easily be purchased from the grocery store. Next, you will need the semi-soft buttermilk. For your thickness, you will want to add a quarter cup of almond extract. Another thing you will need to do is grind the almonds and the buttermilk into a fine powder. Using your mixer, beat the ingredients until they become lumpy.


After the minute mark, remove the skillet from the heat and put it on the counter to cool. Using a rubber spatula, begin to turn the eggs and buttermilk mixture into the skillet. Once the egg mixture becomes pale yellow in color, remove it from the skillet, and place it into your warmed bowl. The golden brown toasts should form easily with your spoon.


Now that you know how to make French toast, you will be able to entertain more friends and family at home. French toast is an easy recipe to duplicate because it only calls for hot bread topped with a slice of tomato. To make this more fun, you can place the sliced meat in toasted breadcrumbs and then put the toaster on top of it. Allow the toasted bread crumbs to stick together and you will have a tasty and healthy breakfast for dinner. The best part about this breakfast is that you can reheat French toast in the toaster, saving you the trouble of taking the meal outside.