How to Make Cookie Dough – Secrets For Great Baked Recipes

How to Make Cookie Dough – Secrets For Great Baked Recipes

If you are looking for a great dessert that will have everyone raving and gushing then look no further than the How To Make Cookie Dough. Forget every other dessertoe ever tell you to make because this one is the only one that actually matters. Okay, maybe not about that but cookie dough is just one of life’s greatest treats, plain and simple. The good news about these easy recipes is that almost anybody can make it successfully. If you have been wanting to master the art of cookie dough then get on a roll and start making your very own.


The secret to this super simple dessert is the use of a simple chocolate recipe. That is right I said chocolate recipe. By using a good quality chocolate recipe you can make some seriously yummy cookie dough in a matter of minutes. Now I know you may be thinking how does one even make chocolate cookies?

Well the answer is fairly simple. All you need is a regular 9 inch round cookie cutter and about three to four cups of whole milk or low fat milk. Next all you need is a food processor or a blender. Now you just add the ingredients listed above to your processor or blender and mix until you achieve the consistency that you desire.


Now here’s the real secret to this wonderful dessert. Once you mix all of your ingredients together just before you cut into the dough. You want to mix just long enough that the batter is fully combined. This is where the food processor or blender comes in handy. I have seen many different recipes all over the internet that states that you need to mix the dough for several minutes but most just say mix until you achieve the consistency that you desire.


One very important ingredient when it comes to cookie dough and the unsalted butter is liquid salt. Sodium bicarbonate is the ingredient that gives our cookies their distinctive salty flavor. It helps bring out the flavor of the butter and also brings out the natural sweetness of the flour. If you’re going to use unsalted butter then you definitely want to skip the liquid salt. I find that both unsalted and liquid are equally as effective in bringing out the flavor of the cookie dough.


Now another ingredient that is very important is baking soda. Baking soda is used mainly for flavoring purposes but it also helps bring out the natural flavor of the ingredients. I personally like to use one half teaspoon for each tablespoon of dry ingredients and one-half teaspoon for each tablespoon of wet ingredients. I also usually like to use baking soda in the last 10 minutes of baking. It gives that final crunchiness that the cookies need.


It’s important that you let your cookie dough cool down in the fridge. You don’t want it to harden up too much as it will not taste right. In fact, some people even prefer to eat their edible cookie dough the day after it has been made if it has hardened a little. The longer it has been sitting in the fridge the better it tastes.


Now if you have an electric hand mixer then this is your best option for mixing your cookie dough. You can use your electric mixer for all different types of recipes and not just making biscuits. However, for making both light and fluffy cookies it’s best to use your hand mixer especially if you don’t have time to mix by hand.