How To Get High Impressions On Pinterest

How To Get High Impressions On Pinterest

Looking for a way to learn how to get high impressions on Pinterest? Is Pinterest the new MySpace? Actually, no. Pinterest is an excellent social networking site that gives you a place to showcase your interests, while MySpace tries to give you a place to air those same interests to your friends. But what if you’re a novice when it comes to the ways of attraction marketing?


You need some direction. So how do you go about learning how to get high impressions on interest? It’s really not as hard as you might think. Here are three tips straight from Pinterest itself:


– Take an interest in others. The easiest way to find other users with common interests and hobbies is to search for” Pinterest” and add the user’s name. For example,” Pinterest” could be “peas in a pod”. Just type in the name of the user and follow the breadcrumbs down the right side.


– Follow users who share similar interests. Pinning pictures of flowers, for example, would not show off your gardening abilities. So pin a picture of a beautiful house you saw in that magazine. As you can see, there is no specific interest for each user. Just do what you enjoy!


– Pin pictures that have specific meaning to you. When you pin a picture of your most beautiful garden, make sure it has some kind of message to it. Is it showcasing your love of nature? Is it showcasing your knowledge on bird-watching? Think about what the image is conveying.


– Be kind and helpful. Say something nice to a user who follows you. Offer them advice if they need it or just simply thank them for following you. Doing so encourages more interaction. Also, it shows a sense of professionalism. Nobody likes to feel that someone is trying to promote them by spamming them.

– Make friends. Anyone can start a profile on any social network. But having hundreds of friends can also help in building good relationships and trust. Make new friends too and exchange favors.


So there you have it. How to get high impressions on Pinterest is easy. Just remember to be friendly and polite, to post interesting things, and to exchange favors. In no time, you will have hundreds of friends too!


– Use hashtags. Hashtags are like keywords in Twitter. They serve as tags pointing readers to certain content. So when you create a post, your link will be embedded into those hashtags. This also makes it easier for your followers to find you.


– Add videos to your posts. Include videos of yourself talking. Make sure though that your voice is calm and professional. A voice that sounds excited or over excited can easily send the wrong message. Also, think about the look and style of your avatar to go with your article.


– Pin the images you share. Pinning images on Pinterest allows you to save a copy to your computer. Then you can paste it onto your Facebook and twitter anytime you like. It is very easy to do. Just go to your Pinterest account and pin the images. It won’t take much longer before other users will notice you’ve pinned it.


– Add a caption to your post. captioning lets readers know what they are going to see at the end of your post. Try not to use long commas or spaces though. People tend to lose interest pretty quickly. Also, always caption your images with what they are supposed to say.


– Follow others who have a lot of followers. When you follow someone on Pinterest, they will follow you back. So make sure you have a good amount of friends in return. You can search for others with similar interests and add them as followers. This will help you grow your network organically.